We work with a group of families from different neighbourhoods in Bogota. The parents are able to participate in training workshops and receive help setting up micro-enterprises so that they can provide for their children. We also disciple the families in Biblical principles and values, provide them with times of recreation (e.g. day trips or retreats to the countryside) and we assist with food parcels and other immediate needs that may arise such as healthcare and education costs.

The families we work with are often experiencing deep social problems and we offer them support through a social worker and spiritual guidance through the Bible to help them to heal, reconcile and forgive.

We support 31 families, including 70 children, in a region of Bogota called Los Alpes. Most of these children do not have a father at home. The children are provided with food and teaching three times a week, and have a weekly visit to their home to help protect and preserve the family unit.