Who are we?

Established in 1997, In Ministry to Children is a Christian charitable foundation providing relief and support for children in Colombia who are at risk through poverty, neglect, abuse or violence.

What do we do?

  • Work with communities in marginal locations.
  • Identify families most at risk, due to poverty and violence.
  • Offer support for the parents:
    • liaison social worker
    • micro-enterprise (household businesses) for the unemployed
    • help with parenting skills
  • Provide essentials for the children:
    • assistance with access to education (school uniforms and books)
    • psycho-social support
    • medical and health checks
    • nutrition programme (providing healthy meals)
    • spiritual nurture

How do we do it?

Through our partner foundation in Colombia, which shares our Christian ethos, we serve the children and their families through community-based programmes. These are assisted by volunteers and local churches and are overseen by professional Colombian staff, committed to excellence in their work.

We work hard to ensure that the funds raised are used to the very best effect. We aim to keep our admin overheads in the UK to well under 10% of funds raised.